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Turning Point

‘A moment of encouragement during a failure is worth more than an hour of praise after success’ ~ Unknown.   In this Mother’s Day special clip from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Flint receives encouraging words from his mom right when he needs them.   Have you thought about how tremendously powerful words and the timing of words can be in a person’s life?  

Young Flint had just experienced embarrassing failure in front of people, from whom at the time, approval was important.  Mom could have told him that his inventions were nonsense, and that he shouldn’t waste his time on them.  And, if she did, do you think he would have become an inventor?  Probably not.  Instead, she encouraged him by giving him the gift of a lab coat.  That lab coat helped him to see himself as a great scientist like the ones he most admired.   She encouraged him with words like: ‘the world needs your originality’ and ‘I know that you are going to do big things someday.’

Flint had a turning point at that moment.  He was a scientist, and scientists have failures until they make successes.  But, if his mom thought he had something to offer, then, he was going to offer something.  The interesting thing for me about the rest of the clip is that he kept inventing things and they would each fail.  But, that didn’t stop him.  He was growing older, trying new things and they kept on failing.  But, he never gave up.  Eventually, he did invent something quite remarkable. 

It’s all how you choose to look at your failures.  We all fail, but some of us allow those failures to stop us from finding the success.  Others look at failures as one step closer to success. 

Some of us have people in our life like Flint’s mom who will be the encouraging voice in our lives, while others have voices of negativity.  But, the choice is ultimately yours and mine to decide to let those words limit us or have them drive us on toward our dreams.  What choice will you make?

Dreams and Responsibilities

In this clip from The Fastest Indian, Burt Monroe arrives in Utah from New Zealand to accomplish his lifelong dream of beating the land speed record on his motorcycle.  

Based on a true story from 1960, Burt shows up without having registered for the race and is not allowed to participate.   

Burt practiced, made sure that his motorcycle and shell was in good condition, even got on the plane from New Zealand to Utah.  But, he didn’t’ register, or even find out what was needed to register for the race.  I’m sure that he went through all of the Kubler-Ross Stages of Grief over the death of his dream with that experience; denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance.  But, he would still have been left with regret. 

“People think responsibility is hard to bear. It's not. I think that sometimes it is the absence of responsibility that is harder to bear. You have a great feeling of impotence.” Henry Kissinger.

This clip made me realize that there are always responsibilities connected to every dream.    Rules, regulations and preparation all have their places in well planned dream fulfillment.  All dreams have work connected to them.  Some work feels more like fun; that’s why it’s your dream.  But, not everything connected to your dream is fun.  Research and paperwork are not fun for me.  But, they are important responsibilities of my dream fulfillment. 

What are the rules and responsibilities connected to your dream?  Don’t be caught at the threshold of dream fulfillment and be caught unaware of major rules or responsibilities for which you should have been ready.   Dreams are hard enough to accomplish.  Don’t get in your own way by being caught off guard by unmet responsibilities.

See What No One Else Sees

In this clip from Patch Adams, Arthur teaches Patch the secret to looking beyond the problem to see the solutions and possibilities by changing the way that he counted the fingers that he was holding up.

Being in touch with the problem is important.  People need to be able to relate to the problem.  But, unless you can see the solution or possibilities, you can’t leave people better than you found them.   Arthur shared three important lessons in this clip:

1.       See what no one else sees.
2.       Focus on the solution,not on the problem.
2.       See what everyone else chooses not to see out of fear, conformity or laziness.
3.       See the whole world anew each day.

Isn’t that the essence of ingenuity?  “Ingenuity, plus courage, plus work, equals miracles.” ~ Bob Richards.

 I love this math equation, don’t you?  So, first you need to see the world differently, which in the ingenuity part, then you have to have the courage to share your ideas and solutions.   If you know in your heart that your solutions can help people, then holding them in is actually the same as hurting people.

If you believe that you will leave people better than you found them, then you need to work hard to help people with those creative solutions.   Keep at it every day. 

Miracles!   Having had the privilege of witnessing miracles as a result of my services to others, I will tell you that it is  worth the work, the risk and the obstacles.   See what no one else sees, step out in courage, work hard and reap miracles!

Leverage your Story

Even the regrets and tough times in your life can be used to help and uplift people.  In this clip from the movie Rudy, Rudy gets discouraged and quits the Notre Dame Football team.  Fortune, his boss, tells Rudy his own story of regret and spares Rudy from making the same mistake.

Everyone has a story that can help someone.  Life is full of challenges, disappointments and even tragedy.   If "everything happens for a reason" and you are wondering what that reason may be for your life challenges, it may be to impact someone’s life with your story.  

Keeping your hard times tucked away like skeletons in a closet doesn’t help anyone, including you.

Life is messy and not a single human being on this planet is perfect.   Have you have overcome something difficult, challenging or tragic?  If your answer is yes, then congratulations and be willing to use your experience to help others.  Be open to opportunities to go out there and help someone else that is struggling with the same thing.  Tell them that they are not alone.  Tell them what you did to get past it.

Tell them that they can do it to.   That’s how you leverage your story.

Be a Winner

In this adorable clip from the animated film Surfs Up, a variety of penguins answer the question; what is a winner?  Did you notice that the answers were a reflection on each one’s own personal lens of experience?   For some to be a winner is to be a good sport or having fun.  For others, it was about crushing the competition.

How you answer this question is a reflection on you.   Here are some of my own principles of winners:

•   Keep learning- If you stay stagnant, people will pass you by.  There is always something to learn. If you make it a point to keep up on the patterns, trends, technologies in your field of work, you will have an advantage.

•   Do your best- Compete against your best self, not others, and you will continue to improve.  Too often we look at other people as our measuring stick.  Stop comparing yourself to others and compare yourself to your best yesterday self.  How have you gotten better? 

•   Communicate truthfully- Being honest is its own reward; it will help you sleep well at night.  Don’t oversell yourself.  It is so better to have someone else tell you that you are better than you say that you are.  Your weaknesses are endearing.  So wear them honestly.

•   Honor your agreements- If your word is trustworthy, you are a winner.  People love to work with people that they trust.  Trust and honesty go hand in hand. 

•   Move steadily forward- Setting goals and moving ahead toward your dreams makes you a winner.   If you are actively doing one thing every day to move you toward your dreams you will move steadily toward achieving them.

•   Accept blame- People will respect you if you admit your mistakes.  No one is perfect, but those who take responsibility for their mistakes are respected.  Perfection is annoying because no one is perfect.  So, when you mess up, and take your lumps, people will appreciate it.

•   Celebrate the achievements of others- Other people’s successes are not your failures.   When you honor other winners, you are a winner.  

How do you define winning?  Are you a winner according to your own definition?  

Important vs. Urgent

It has been a rough two weeks for me.  The webhoster that I have had for the last 3 years for my Patty Sadallah site and my Dream Partner Blog had a fire and for many days, my site and my blog were down completely.  When it did come back, it had reset itself to April 28, 2011.   
Everything that had been changed, or people who had been added to my mailing list since then, were lost.
I knew that I needed to transfer the site and when I made the transfer request; I was told that it would take 5-7 business days for the transfer to be complete.    Plenty of time, I thought, to get the copy of my site, upload my contacts, move the blog address and copy my newsletter messages. 
I had some of this accomplished in the two days since making the switch request, but unexpectedly, this transfer happened 3-5 days earlier than anticipated.
I was able to move the website and some of my newsletter messages,but lost the rest; contact list, newsletter messages and my blog.  So, about 50 blog articles and 21 video blogarticles and 3,000 contacts are lost in cyberspace forever.
So, this is the beginning of the new Dream Partner Blog and it challenges me with the concept of important vs. urgent.  You see, I had plenty of opportunities to switch this site.  I had already found a webhoster that I was happy with for my Northeast Ohio Christian Roundtable site and that site was much less expensive.    
Each month that I got the other webhosting bill I would say, “You really should move your website and save half the monthly cost.”  But, then I would get busy and forget about it until the next month’s bill.  OY. 
Does this every happen to you?  Do you put off something that is important because you are running around putting out urgent fires?  In the long run, important things take more time and energy up front, but then they always save you money and headache in the long run. 
This week I was reminded of the expression.”Eat the Frog” If you have to eat a frog anyway, just get it over with first thing.  It will give you satisfaction and help you get on with your day.  So, what are you putting off?  How do you like your frog; broiled or baked? 
Focus on the important things today!  AND please rejoin my mailing list!! 
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