Patty Sadallah, Dream Partner Catalyst - Small Business Dreamers
Small Business Dreamers,
Are you a solo- entrepreneur or small business owner and have big dreams but don't know where to start?
Or maybe you have had a business for quite some time, and the rules are changing, and you don't know what to do?
Or you want to change the question, "How do I find clients? to How can clients find me?"
Are you great at what you do but not at everything that needs to be done and that stuff is nearly paralyzing you?
Do you wish that someone would help you break it into smaller pieces, see the steps and show you the way to your dreams?
If you answered yes to any of these questions then the learning curves are costing you money and you are not moving toward your dream as steadily as you could be.
The quicker you get focused and begin working a systematized plan, the more successful you will become and the closer you will be to your dream.
Work through Patty's Dream Success Sequence Model
Step- by-Step to get there. 
dream success sequence with Patty Sadallah
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