Patty Sadallah, Dream Partner Catalyst - Faith-Based Nonprofit Leaders
Faith-based Non Profit Leaders,
Are you facing another round of strategic planning and are dreading the long, boring, and inefficient process that you have experienced in the past?
Do you need to merge with another organization or collaborate and dread the meetings that may be involved?
Is your board unfocused, unorganized and not doing its job?
Do you need money and don't know how to find it?
Do you want to work with other nonprofits to serve a common population or increase your community impact but don't know the first thing about navigating the politics of such a massive endeavor and fear that it will feel like the strategic planning comment above times 10 on the pain scale?
And MOST IMPORTANTLY, Do you want to make sure that you are planning according to Biblical principles and want to insure that you are planning according to God's will for your organization? 

Strategic planning, fundraising planning and board development and community development or the cultural integration of a merger can actually be a painless and exciting experience if facilitated by Patty Sadallah. 

If you have to do it anyway, why not go God's way, the pain free way!
For more information about Patty's Consumer Driven Strategic Planning Process, Ask her about her E-book entitled:  How to Write a Strategic Plan that Doubles as a Grant Template
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